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Clear Jar Candles

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Discontinued Clear Glass Jar

No. 1 // MUIR | wooded mountain trails, deep green herbs and spices, a blend of cedar + fir with a hint of berries and vanilla.

No. 2 // ISLA | a warm sandalwood breeze blown in from the tropics, laced with sugared citron, and balanced with mountain greens.

No. 3 // LUNE | Mediterranean sea water with an earthy undercurrent, blended delicately with wild lilac, black salt and pine.

No. 4 // FYNN | lively and woodsy with the essence of sweet oakmoss, birch and fir with a hint of jasmine and black pepper.

No. 5 // NOIR | red currant and amber matched with musk and delicate floral undertones of jasmine, rose and geranium.

No. 6 // WILDER | the sweet essence of the Pacific Northwest woods — fragrant pine, spruce and douglas fir blended with cedar and fir.

No. 7 // CANDOR | dusky, resinous oud and cedar blended with heady bergamot, crisp white tea and rose, with a finish of ylang ylang and sweet blackberry.

No. 8 // FLORET | fresh juniper and magnolia blended with notes of geranium, cedarwood and mint, finished with subtle hints of melon, oak, and cypress.


8oz candle in a 100% recyclable glass jar

50 hour burn time

All Truly Kindred candles are hand poured into a recyclable glass jar. They are made using 100% domestic soy wax with no additives and a cotton wick so they burns clean. Made with high grade fragrance and essential oils containing no phthalates.